Monday, August 22, 2011

Random me

So why a blog? do i really have that much going on in my life to blog? most likely no, i am kinda a dull person i think. But i do have some things going on, and am trying to make changes in my life for the better, so i guess this is a way to document that.
but this is supposed to be a random look at who is livvie.
I am 25 years old. at times it seems i should still be much younger, but im not so oh well
I have a cat i adore, she is insane and just makes me happy
Friends are easy to find, actually good ones are damn near impossible.
One of those good friends is Alex, shes know me since i was 16 and is like my big sister.
My mom died when i was 16 from cancer, by the time they figured out she had it, it was kinda to late. It was all over, and they never really pinned it down as to where it started.
This freaks me out because im convinced i will get cancer and die. irrational you say? well as i had surgery a few months ago to remove my left ovary and take out tumors that were borderline cancerous it seems more and more like a reality.
I was told i was clear of cancer after surgery, which was a relief
the surgery brought up even more the need for change in my life, i have not been happy, for much of the year so far, i find the bits and pieces of happy all around, but sometimes i feel like im just forcing it.
that has to change
i want to be more happy when i am making things, because i do love it. jewelry and crafting are things i could not imagine not doing, so i wont stop. 
other randoms?
i am naturally blonde but i bleach my hair, it drives my family nuts as they think i have beautiful hair naturally, but it makes me happy this way
i have one tattoo, its of a bat. i kinda have a thing for them, if you couldn't tell already.
my right eyebrow is pierced, i had wanted it done for 10 years before i finally did it.
i do not have plans for other piercings, but do want more tattoos.

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