Monday, January 30, 2012

current thoughs.

a true proper blog should follow this, i need to remember to blog more, life just gets in the way.
but these are the thoughts of the moment.
Cancer sucks, the prospect of having it again sucks more. thankfully this time around it's not cancer, it's hopefully not a huge deal even. thank goodness. i really was not looking forward to major surgery again. if you have never had it, it's not a fun thing to deal with at all.
Dr.s and their staff can be huge assholes. wait the staff at mine are, there is no can in that.
We live, we learn, we get fucked over by people. does this mean we give up on people completely? no, you just gotta be tough.and have the ability to go shoot something or bake. i prefer bake. so do my coworkers.
Red Stripe makes the best beer bread. it gives it a bit of a fruity taste. I've never actually drank it on its own though.
this was going to be about makeup, but i drank grape kool-aid and now that's not happening.
I'm pretty sure iced tea is a food group in the south.
I really want fried green tomatoes. which i will eat tomorrow, as i have not been eating much lately so when i want it i go for it.
Grape flavored anything is the way to my heart. My friend Meg not only knows this but she always gets me happy grape candy. i need to beg her for grape mentos again.
I go by many names, Bitch I'm sure is one some people have for me. I prefer livvie gothic girl, batgirl, laurendarling, and of course kittymumsis.
Livvie is what my mom called me. the rest some amazing girls gave to me.
do i regret how friendships ended, one yes, as there was no real need for that, and we have so much more in common that she knows now.the others? no, they fucked that up themselves, and they can kiss my ass.
i love crafting.
i think that's it for this evening. again this is a blog of random. random is what you will get

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