Tuesday, May 15, 2012

since our last meeting

Ok so i am still neglecting this blog. I know i had promised a real, nice proper blog, but then hospital happened.I had been very ill and finally after throwing up every day for two weeks i decided that going to the hospital, as much as i hate it, had to happen. After sitting for ages we go back and they put a iv in and take blood, they let a student do the first one, and while it was not horrible, it really was not done the best, but UAB is a teaching hospital, so it kinda comes with the territory. Why UAB, well as it is the largest hospital it is the best in my city, also my oncologist is at UAB so it made sense to go there, as we were worried it was the other ovary acting up, and possibly the dreaded C word, cancer. Well after maybe 30 mins the doctor comes back in and we find out, no its not cancer, but i am Diabetic. This was a huge shock to me as my blood had been checked recently and was fine (we looked back over it after all of this and it actually was not fine, but we were still worried about the ovary so it got missed). my sugar levels were at 1150, wayyy wayyy wayyy over what it should be. By like 1000. and 50. An amount that should have had me in a coma. So another iv in my left arm (that guy was amazing, did not even feel it) and i am hooked up to an insulin pump, and i have a potassium drip. Potassium hurts, a lot and you have to be extremely careful with it, and i cried when it was started. That night was spent in the ICU, where one of my nice nurses gave me her apple, since i wasn't allowed to eat, due to my sugar levels. Best apple ever. i was hooked up to so many different things, it was a very interesting night to say the least. Esp. when they took arterial blood, again a student did it first, but even with a seasoned nurse doing it, it still hurt like hell. After being moved down to a normal room ( i missed being in the new womens building, it was so nice) i had to beg and argue to get lunch. It didn't even taste right, my throat was so dry and my taste buds were just coated. This is also about the time i started to lose my vision, which was odd as when my sugar levels were out of the world i could see fine. More finger pricks, ivs going bad and two more days in the hospital and more info than i could possibly remember, i was sent back home with insulin. fast forward a few months, its now my birthday, im off insulin and  while i can't say everything is all good as its my 26 and i get kicked off insurance at the end of this month, things have changed. Hopefully i can actually get this blog in order and actually post things. rest assured, randomness shall rule and you never know what will get posted

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